Homemade Apple Cider

cider from scratch - made in crock pot

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp, cool air and the smell of warm toasty things. There are still a couple weeks left of summer but now that the temperatures have dropped in the mornings and I’ve started wearing long-sleeves – it feels like fall has arrived early.… [read more]

Crispy Carnitas

Crispy Carnitas

The secret to perfect carnitas: a crispy crust on one side and tender meat on the other side. You need two tools to achieve this – a crock pot and a cast iron skillet. Together, these two can make magic happen on your taste buds. I make carnitas all the time and they’re always a… [read more]

Peacha Pie (like pizza pie, get it?)

paleo peach tart

You have to say it out loud to get the full effect: peacha pie. I thought this title was so clever, but when I told the hubster, he was unimpressed. Honestly, I’m not really sure he even heard me when I said it. Whenever he gets back from a long day of work he sort… [read more]

Spicy Chicken Dry Roast

Spicy Chicken Dry Roast

Tender and juicy chicken coated in a spicy, thick masala – what’s not to love? Add some coconut slices to the dish and you’ve got yourself a chicken dry roast – Kerala style. Before meeting my Keralite hubby, Roby, I had always associated coconuts with sweets. This spicy chicken dish just goes to show that… [read more]

Carrot Fudge (Indian Gajar Halwa Mithai)

carrot and cardamom fudge

This carrot fudge recipe is inspired by a typical Punjabi dessert: gajrela aka gajar halwa. Gajar Halwa is typically made with grated carrots, ghee, milk, nuts and sugar. What I find sort of laughable is that many Indians consider traditional gajar halwa to be a “light” dessert. When you have ghee and sugar in the… [read more]

Sweet and Spicy Indian Pork Chops

Sweet and Spicy Indian Pork Chops

This pork chop curry is sweet, tangy and a little spicy. When you take a bite, you’ll taste all of these different flavors – they’re unique and yet they also blend together SO well. In other words, this recipe is crazy delicious. If you like pork, you’re gonna love this. Actually, even if you don’t… [read more]

Indian Fried Beef

Fried Beef

Yep, you read that right. Fried beef. It is quite fabulous. This fried beef recipe is made with beef, coconut bits, curry leaves and spices galore. It can be as spicy or as mild as you like. This recipe is actually a Christian Keralite dish called Erachi Ularthiyathu which means: beef fry. For Christians in… [read more]

Meat Masala (South Indian Garam Masala)

Meat Masala (Spice Mix)

Grinding your own whole spices makes a world of difference when it comes to cooking ethnic foods. This meat masala recipe is perfect for beef recipes. You can also use it with chicken, pork, lamb and goat. I call this spice mix “meat masala” but it’s also known as “garam masala.” You should know that… [read more]

Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups (dairy-free)

Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups

When I was a kid, I lived for chocolate. Whenever we would get a box of chocolates, I would go through the box and take a bite out of each and every piece. Then, I’d put the box away, as though I’d never touched it. My mother still tells embarrassing stories of where she would… [read more]

Easy Broiled Rosemary Lamb Chops

Quick and Easy Broiled Lamb Chops

These lamb chops take just 15 minutes to make and that includes both prep and cooking time. Unbelievably quick, I know. As much as I love cooking and spending time in my kitchen, there are days where I want dinner on the table pronto. These lamb chops are the perfect way to make that happen.… [read more]